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Having access to the latest equipment and technology not only enables you to work efficiently but also provides your patients the convenience they look for in their preferred dental office. Having the right partner to help capitalize on your technological investments is of the utmost importance.

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With CSFD, you’ll be in good hands with a partner committed to providing you with service, products and solutions for your practice. Guiding you through the complex world of dental equipment and technology, you can pick and choose your products in confidence.

We do the heavy lifting, you reap the benefits

We have an ever growing list of vendors and are equipped to provide your practice all the solutions you’ll need. We can an unprecedented approach to discovering new technology that will be of benefit to your practice. The world of dentistry technology is fast paced and has been growing and evolving over the last few decades. And with it your administrative practices.

We work hard, so you can work smart

Keeping up with technology not only benefits you but your patients as well. And just imagine the help it’ll provide your staff. Give them the right tools, and they can increase their productivity and efficiency – giving them more time to give your patients quality service.

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We work with a diverse group of partners to connect you to the equipment that are right for your unique practice.

CFSD works with a diverse group of partners to connect you to the equipment and technology solutions that are right for your unique practice. Driven by a long history of innovation since 2001, we enable every practice to offer a best-in-class patient experience while improving efficiencies that enable growth. Every practice can benefit from innovations in equipment and technology and among the many benefits new technology brings are improved diagnostics, optimized workflows, a boosted bottom line, and more satisfied patients.

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