Dental Workstations

Our Solutions to Mitigate Your Risks

Our Solutions to Mitigate Your Risks

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    Advanced Endpoint Protection

    Cutting-edge software detects and neutralizes ransomware threats before they can encrypt data.

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    Advanced Email Hosting

    Secured Email Hosting, Spam Protection, and Email Encryption to ensure that communication channels are protected from phishing and malware attempts.

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    Encryption & Access Controls

    Patient data is encrypted and strict access controls ensure only authorized personnel can access sensitive information.

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    Password Management Policies

    Strong password policies and authentication enhance security measures.

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    Regular Software Updates

    Automated systems ensure that all software and systems are promptly updated with the latest security patches.

Our Solution Packages

Security Packages
Protection Layer Features Essential Advanced Comprehensive
User & Device Security Advanced endpoint protection
Data Security Encryption and access controls
Network Security Robust Firewalls and Intrusion Detection Systems
Email Security Advanced email hosting with encryption and spam protection
User Education Regular cybersecurity training